Welcome to Turtlehull Publishing! Why the name? My daddy always referred to the back end of our station wagon as the turtlehull, and that word stuck with me. Generally considered a Southern colloquialism, a turtlehull is the storage spot in a car more commonly referred to as the trunk. It is the place to put everything you want to convey to your destination and usually, you can fit just about anything you want in there if you know how to do it just right. As a business that was formed to have a way to take handwritten, century-and-a-quarter-old courtship letters and put them into a book, it seemed appropriate for that business to be named Turtlehull Publishing. That book, My Own Precious One, is now in the Library of Congress. It is available for purchase online and more details can be found here.

Turtlehull Publishing, based in Sheridan, Arkansas, is owned and operated by one person – me. I am a native Arkansan and the daughter of a genealogist; I grew up in a culture that relied on strong family ties and rural traditions. It is important to preserve the history of our families and communities for future generations. While transcribing the letters of my great-grandparents, I began thinking of all of the old letters and stories people have and want to share; they simply need a vehicle in which to share them. If you would like to publish your stories, your memoirs, your recipes, anything you can think of to be kept for generations to come; whether they are in keepsake booklets for family and friends, or in books for a larger audience, please contact me and let’s talk about how I can help you.

Thanks for stopping by – come back anytime!

Sandra Parham Turner